Our Story

BriteDrops is a Troy, Michigan based start-up company dedicated to designing and manufacturing new & unique lamp shade solutions to instantly decorate open light bulb fixtures found in our garages, basement , hallways and closets of our homes and apartments.  Over time we will offer shades with popular licensed logos, original art, individual custom images and corporate brand promotion product.

The idea started in our home when we began noticing the large number of open lamp fixtures lighting up our garage, basement, closets and some hallways. The light bulbs were bright, distracting and certainly not decorative. We knew that if we wanted to install a new lamp fixture and shade, we needed to turn off the electricity, remove the existing fixture, safely strip and connect the proper wiring and attach the new fixture. This takes time, electrical expertise and special tools.

That’s when the idea hit. 

We thought of a series of design concepts to quickly and easily transform these harsh lamp fixtures into attractive and creative home decorations.  Over time we could provide a large variety of design motifs and even offer original art and other personalized decorations to the shades. We decided that the designs would bring attractive and simple lighting solutions to those busy garages, basements and closets that we use so much but often leave unadorned. We are creating BriteDrops of light to decorate those useful spaces!

A dedicated team of technical experts have supported the development of this patent pending product line and we are now launching our activity on Kickstarter for the next 45 days.