About Us

BriteDrops Inc. products are currently available on our E-Commerce store at www.britedrops.com. We offer limited series, batch production. 



We first created the BriteDrops Luminaire concept some years ago looking for a fast & easy way to retrofit and decorate bare lightbulbs in open light fixtures. We launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 and also were awarded a US Patent in 2017.

This instant light fixture install in seconds to an open light bulb fixture without any tools. Perfect light fixture for basements, garages and hallways.  

This new series launched in 2022 with the first decoration being the American flag imprinted on the 4 sides of the pyramid shaped translucent luminaire. Other decorations with popular logos will follow.  

At BriteDrops we are very focused on providing a high quality product at a reasonable cost, using as much local USA parts content and manufacturing as possible.

To that end, the molded lampshade, its tooling, the Polycarbonate resin, the decorative ink images, the decoration process itself and the packaging are all designed and made in the USA by ourselves and our local suppliers.



Our final assembly, testing and e-commerce fulfillment for our customers is done in our little factory at BriteDrops.com, located in Rochester, Michigan, USA. 

Only two small components of the assembly are imported. 





If you wish to know more about us, please send us a note at: contact@britedrops.com 


Robert L. Scales


BriteDrops Inc.