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USA American Flag Decorated Instant Light Fixture -

USA American Flag Decorated Instant Light Fixture -

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- Inventory now available for purchase online.    

- Replaces a bare lightbulb in minutes with a decorated luminaire light fixture. Installs quickly with no tools!

- Instant decorated lamp fixture for open light bulb fixtures.  

- 1 luminaire assembly shipped in box with protective insert. (ceiling lampholder shown not included)

- Includes LED lightbulb (except California). 

- BriteDrops Model BD-11-11-01

- Decorated on all 4 sides with ink images of USA flag - Wavy. 

- Lampshade is translucent white color molded of automotive grade polymer material.  

- A high quality lightweight fixture for indoor home use. Designed for fast and easy installation and removal. Installs like a medium screw lightbulb (E26/27). 

- For fast and easy attachment to an existing keyless lamp holder found in homes and garages. Also installs on corded lampholders. See pictures for typical installations.  

- Lightweight convenience at about 1 lb. 8 oz. each. Easier to install from a stepstool or ladder.  

 - Maximum 60 Watts type E26 base. Dry locations only. Minimum 75C supply conductors. 

- Different color and intensity of luminaires pictured here are achieved using various LED light bulbs and /or dimmer switches.  

- Britedrops recommends using only LED lightbulbs. 

- Luminaire is assembled, tested and packaged at BriteDrops Inc. in Rochester, Michigan, USA of American and imported components. Lampshade component is molded and decorated exclusively in USA.  

- Available for shipment to USA only at this time. 


PRODUCT CARE luminaire light fixture in white translucent or decorated USA flag. Installs in seconds with no tools.


The Britedrops Luminaire is molded of a high quality polymer resin often used in automotive interior trim products. It is translucent so that light from the lightbulb will shine through the lampshade. The decorative images are made of ink colorants that are affixed to the polymer lampshade with a special process.

These are tough materials, but they can be scratched or otherwise damaged through mishandling. 

Our recommendations for Product Care:



- Handle with care during unpacking and installation. You do not want to scratch the lampshade area nor the decoration images. That will look sad when you turn on the light. 

- Remove the Luminaire from the light fixture and bring it down to floor level for cleaning. It is safer that way. 

- Make sure the lampshade is cool to the touch when cleaning. 

- Clean the luminaire and decoration images with a damp cotton cloth. Do not use abrasive pads or strong detergents. Dry it gently with a cotton cloth. Reinstall into your lamp holder. 



We recommend that you only use LED lightbulbs.

Maximum 60 Watts Incandescent E26 Medium base bulb.

However, a 60 Watt Incandescent bulb generates A LOT OF HEAT, which may be detrimental over time to the appearance and beauty of the polymer lampshade and the decorative images. 

By contrast, a 10 Watt LED bulb produces about the same amount of light brightness as a 60 Watt Incandescent bulb, BUT MUCH LESS HEAT. Both bulbs yield about 800 Lumens of visible light.

LED bulbs are also much more energy efficient than Incandescent because you get the similar amount of light brightness using many fewer Watts of electrical power. You pay for Watts!

If you need more brightness (Lumens) from your BriteDrops Luminaire, perhaps for use in a garage or large room, look into using a 16 to 20 Watt LED bulb (Medium base E 26 type).

For example, a 16 Watt LED bulb puts out about as much light as a 100 Watt Incandescent bulb. You CANNOT USE a 100 Watt Incandescent Bulb (that is above the UL rating) but you CAN USE a 16 Watt LED and get the same 1600 Lumens of brightness. 

Light bulb color (Kelvin temperature): Most LED bulb brands offer a range of color temperatures often displayed on the bulb itself or its packaging. The Kelvin (K) temperature bulb you choose will change the appearance of the Luminaire when lit up. It is a matter of personal choice.

For example, a 2700 Kelvin bulb is called 'Soft White' or 'Warm White' and can have a yellowish appearance when lit. A  bulb rated from about 3300 to 4000K is described as 'Neutral White'  and from 4000K to 5500K it is called 'Cool White' or "Daylight'. See picture below.

Feel free to try different LED Kelvin rated bulbs and even actual LED colored bulbs tinted red, or green or blue. It's just a matter of personal taste! 

Use of Dimmers: The BriteDrops Luminaire can be used with Dimmer switches. However, make sure your LED lightbulb is rated for use with compatible dimmers. 

Always replace with LED bulbs, medium base E26 screw type, found in hardware stores or on-line. 



- We recommend you retain your original shipping box and protective insert. The BriteDrops Luminaire is fast and easy to install but also to remove. In the future you may want to purchase a model with a new decoration and store the original for seasonal use. The original shipping box and insert are designed to protect your luminaire.


- If you have question about Product Care, write us at

We hope you enjoy your BriteDrops product for many years! 

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